Albania 2 Days Private Tour from Dubrovnik

Reveal the heart of Balkans region with this exciting adventure which will conduct you through Albania and Montenegro. If you think you have seen whole of the Europe, think again, because this destination situated on western coast of Balkan peninsula is last secret waiting for you to discover it. This exciting 2 days trip from Dubrovnik will give you opportunity to see the best of Montenegro, like fortified towns of Budva, Kotor and Sv. Stefan, and to learn about unknown country Albania. You will see fascinating landscapes with mountains on the north and beautifull coastline and rivers on the south. You shouldn't be surprised by a vast number of bunkers because Albania was ruled by communist dictator Enver Hoxha for almost 40 years and paranoid fear from invasion of neighbors left a trace in the form of bunkers that were made to fit only one soldier. In medieval town of Kruja, who owes its glory to a national hero George Kastriot Scanderbeg who fought against the Ottomans for 25 years, we will visit the castle situated on prominent strategic point. Sightseeing will finish with lunch in a traditional Albanian restaurant. Before our next point of interest, one of the most important sites in Albania, city of Shkodra, we will visit Albanian capital city Tirana. Situated on the lake of the same name city is important economic center and here can be seen characteristic houses made of wood and other traditional motifs. Near the city there is the castle of Rozafa built on a hill from where you can enjoy beautiful view over city. Overnight is planned in hotel in Shkodra. On the way back along the Montenegrin coastline, short visits to Budva and Kotor are planned.

Kruja Castle

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Castle in the city of Krujë was the center of Skanderbeg's rebellion against the Ottoman Empire. Inside the castle you can see Teqe of Dollme of the Bektashi (an Islamic Sufi sect), the National Skanderbeg Museum, the remains of the Fatih Sultan Mehmed mosque and its minaret, an ethnographic museum and a Turkish bath.

Tripadvisor daadyo: „I wanted to see several of the Balkan Republicas. Ivo did a great job planning and Marco drove and shared the adventure. Kotor was beautiful, Belgrade was exciting, Kosovo was interesting and Albania is the up and comer. Great trip thanks“ Read more

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Situated in the Kotor bay, a coastal town of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Let the cobblestoned streets of Kotor charm you and tell you a story of its rich cultural and historical heritage.

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  • Itinerary:

    Leaving from Dubrovnik, we will drive through the northern Montenegro into northern Albania, where our first sightseeing point is Krujë. A small town of wooden houses, stone fortresses and even a mosque, Krujë is iconic of the rich and diverse Albanian culture. We will visit the castle of Krujë, which held a strategic military position for Albanian resistance against the Turks in the fifteenth century. After a visit of old town, we will enjoy an exclusive lunch in a traditional Albanian restaurant. Then 2h visit to Albanian capital Tirana is planned. The next destination is Schkodra, but along the route we will stop to see some 20th century bunkers that were designed by the Communist dictator Enver Hoxha to fit only one soldier at a time. Located on the large lake of the same name that forms a border with Montenegro, Schkodra is one of the oldest and most important cities in Albanian history, as well as a main commercial city in the modern economy. Here you will witness a true blend of Eastern and Western culture and architecture from every period of Albanian history. Your guide will take you to enjoy the most beautiful panorama view of the city from Castle Rozafa, on the nearby mountainside. Overnight is planned in Shkodra. The tour returns along the Adriatic coast, and as we pass again through Montenegro you will have a chance to visit both Budva and Kotor, two magnificent old towns with a completely different cultural background from Albania.

  • Departure:


  • Duration:

    2 days

  • Included:

    English speaking driver/guide and air-conditioned vehicle/fuel for 2 days (additional languages available on request), pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, entrance fees and visit to Kruje castle, lunch in traditional Albanian restaurant, visit to Tirana museum/tower, to Rozafa fortress, overnight with breakfast in hotel in Shkodra and lunch in Montenegro (Budva or Kotor)

  • Not included:

    Other than specified

  • Type of service:


  • Transportation method:

    VW Sharan for 1 – 4 person, Opel Vivaro van for 5 – 8 person, MB Sprinter minibus for 9 – 19 person

Departure date Departure time
Child (0-6)
Junior (7-17)
Adult (18+)

Kruja | +1h 30min 12:50 to 14:20

Tirana | +2h 16:15 to 18:15

Shkodra | +12h visit & sleepover 20:00 to 08:00

Rozafa | + 30min 08:30 to 09:00

Budva | +1h 10:30 to 11:30

Kotor | +1h 30min 15:15 to 16:45

Dubrovnik | tour duration 34h and 30min 17:30

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(1 Person) TOTAL : 7,600.00 EUR